All you need to know about women’s fitness and priorities

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Women, as the majority would see them, appear weaker than the men. But it’s not fair to see such differences in human species as is since both are capable of doing things in their special way. That being said, women’s fitness should be approached differently from men’s since their bodies function differently. Here’s all you need to know about women’s fitness:



  • What does it mean ‘wear appropriate clothes’.

Both men and women have private parts to protect when exercising. As both genders reach adulthood, men’s scrotums grow and women grow their breasts allowing ample space for mammary glands getting filled up if need be. So when they workout in the gym, both should wear appropriate outfits to wear to protect these private parts properly.


  • Understand the play of hormones.

A woman’s body compared to a man’s would be notably plump than muscular. While hormones are responsible for the growth of both sexes, the composition is different. And this may affect iron and magnesium supply in the body, its water composition, and even aspirations. Men’s body is heavier because of being composed mainly of muscles which absorb lots of water most of the time. On the other hand, females tend to restore more fat and need water if breastfeeding. The same need for water, but different reasons. Also, women tend to have fatty deposits more on the gluteal-femoral area as compared to males around the abdomen. This initializes during puberty when remarkable differences are set between the two.


While differences in metabolism and physiology are undeniably present between being a male and a female, these, and more affect each gender’s approach to intended goals. Women’s mindset considers exercising so that they could eat what they want. Unlike men, who are naturally (therefore, hormonally) competitive, who go for the benefit of looking and feeling good. Besides, women do it for the socialization, fun, and enjoyment of it. They love it when going with colleagues and usually when there are music and dancing involved. While men tend to be serious, always working out for either competition, tournament or a modelling gig in which competition is the ultimate motivator. 


When it comes to women going for a fitness ritual, they sign up for classes rather than the usage of gym weights and other facilities. Though nowadays, many women go for cross-fit, paddling, Spartan tourneys, and marathons, the majority creates a habit around getting in or getting back in shape. They even resort to having magnesium supplements for their body as a part of keeping fit which is usually by most men. The thing though is, their habits consist of maintaining an exercise routine. As long they sweat, they’re satisfied. But men would go further and would not stop until they hear what they want to hear, “Hey! Look at those muscles!” while the ladies treat meeting up with their friends more important than going to the gym. Everything else becomes secondary to this vice of getting together and gossiping.

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Women are naturally multi-taskers. They can run the show and they can sweep it all. But most women, especially wives, partners, and parents undergo stress. It’s called what-to-eat-tonight-for-dinner. However, they wouldn’t mind doing a tree pose while they plan for this in their heads. So, if women put their minds and focus ongoing 100% with fitness, of course, they can do it. Except that they prioritize. And most often than not, what wins is family.

Strengths and limitations

As mentioned, a woman’s body is capable of doing something that the opposite sex cannot such as bearing a child and producing breastmilk. So, as far as fitness is concerned, there may be limitations during the times they are in the process of being pregnant until post-partum. And there could be restrictions along the way. But women are more flexible to consider bearing a child than going back to shape at the earliest time possible with an unbeatable and strong mindset. Considering all of these, how you consider women’s fitness strong would be a combination of everything from muscle-forming to Zumba fitness to yoga and meditation. A woman’s body is mysteriously and magnificently beautiful.