Contact lenses versus spectacles

glasses on paper

Eyeglasses or contact lenses? This is an issue for many people who face vision problems. The contact lenses have multiple advantages for the user. You must have experienced many times that your glasses don’t let you enjoy a few activities. You can’t wear fashionable glasses all the time. The winter fog when you enter a room that is warm from cold. If you wear glasses, contact lenses provide a new dimension to your look. Do you notice the glow of light while wearing glasses? Here is another practical reason that favours lenses over glasses. If you drive a two-wheeler, the reflection of lights at night might not let you feel at ease.

The truth is, contact lenses solve many problems – they give you a lot of freedom that you may not experience with glasses. After all, with the latest generation of lenses make you feel as if you haven’t worn them, as if you’ve spent your entire life without optical aids.

In cities, youngsters also use contact lenses to look attractive. Blue, brown, and green coloured contact lenses are rising in demand. Students who have glasses often use contact lenses to improve their personality and confidence.

Every individual feels a lot more confident using contact lenses as compared to ordinary eyeglasses, along with getting rid of eyeglasses; it also makes the face look attractive and the surroundings extra clear.


Ophthalmologists also recommend the use of contact lenses in certain conditions such as diseases of the cornea, and high astigmatism, keratoconus, etc. People who have undergone cataract surgery benefit the most from contact lenses. In this type of disease, the use of contact lenses is better than heavy glasses. Glasses create a large image and a cluttered visual field. Contact lenses create a normal image, and after the operation of a cataract, a full field of vision is formed.  However, these are in cases of natural coloured contact lenses.

Precautions while using Contact Lenses

  • We should wash hands thoroughly before using the lens. If hands are wet, dry hands first; Only then use it.
  • If you are wearing a lens for the first time, first look directly downwards, and then blink an eyelid twice for its adjustment. After doing this, the lens automatically fits in the eyes. Even if something seems strange, then advice should be sought from a lens expert.
  • If you are removing or installing the lens, clean it with contact lens solution; Even before application, even after removal.
  • All people using the lens should clean it daily.
  • After clearing the lens, it should not come in direct contact with air. Keep this lens tightly closed in its box.
  • If you want to keep the eyes healthy, then your contact lenses must be changed every six months. Always keep the contact lens in its box.
  • If you are wearing the lenses all the time, ensure you take them out when you are just relaxing to give your eyes a break.
  • If you want to go to sleep, remove the contacts and put them in the special container
  • The contacts should not be worn even while taking a bath.
  • Use your contact lenses yourself only. It is never a good idea hygienically to share contact lenses.
  • If the eyes have any discomfort, they are red or itching, or have any problem, do not use the contacts, ensure you get a check-up done with your eye doctor.