Choosing a Facial Based on Skin Type

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When it comes to deciding what facial to choose, you need to ask yourself questions like what type of skin do I have? What products are going to work best on my skin? What is my budget? Just like when you book in your wedding makeup session, you want to ensure you have the right professional at hand. If you’ve ever had your hair done, for example, a luxurious blow wave – then you know how nice it feels to pamper yourself. So why not treat your skin with the same amount of love? 

Knowing your skin first

First, you need to know exactly what skin type you have. If you do not know what type, you have here are a few tips to help you:

  • First thing in the morning touch your face and see how it feels. Does it feel oily and moist? If so then this means that you have an oily type skin.
  • If you can feel your skin is stretchy and dry, then consider you have dry skin
  • If the skin feels ok and not too much of either above, then you have normal skin
  • If you feel that parts of your face are oily and dry, then you could have combination skin

Facials will clean dirt and pigmentation and help to clear your skin in just a few steps:

  • Cleansing 
  • Scrubbing
  • Massage
  • Mask

The procedure can be more intense if you prefer like adding serum or adding different products you can, but the basic procedure works in the four steps above. You just need to ensure that your facial has the right blends for your skin type.


Oily skin

Oily skin should only be cleaned with deep cleansings washes and lotions. This ensures the excess dirt and oil gets removed from the pores. Facial scrubs work well to exfoliate your skin and smoothen out unevenness parts of the skin. Using powder or clay masks will dry out the excess oil. Facial creams for oily skin that work best are those like milk and citrus fruit-based facial creams. Pure silk pillowcases should be used following a treatment, as silk cannot hold bacteria, therefore prevents acne. 


For dry skin


Mild cleaners that are suited for dry skin must not be vigorous cleansers as they will dry the skin out further. You need scrubs that are gentle on the skin and help to remove flaky skin. Don’t go into harsh scrubbing. Ensure that you are using facials that are hydrating to the skin and often intense moisturising. Avoid powdered and dry masks you want a moisturizing facial mask that will retain moisturise. You can use oil-based, fruit, oxygen and water-based for dry skin. Following your appointment, silk sleepwear can help with dry skin, as it helps to promote moisture levels.


Normal skin facials


If you have normal skin, then you can go for either intense facials to mild cleaners. When it comes to a massage you need to be going for something that is for normal skin or a facial gel that has intense moisturizing benefits.
Normal skin doesn’t have any problems so it makes it easy to find a facial cream that is suitable. Fruit and honey facials work well for normal skin. If you are wanting a one-off glow, then consider getting a gold facial for a special occasion.


Facials can be done once a week, but it will depend on your skin type. Once you start your facial routine you will get a feel of how often your skin needs it done. You will also need to carry out facial after treatment too. Once you have had your facial, avoid heavy steam and avoid contact with the sun. Once you find the right facial for your skin type you will start to see more glowing and radiant skin.