How a Nose Job Can Help With Allergies

Allergies are reactions to the body that are caused by foreign substances such as pollen or dust. The body tends to develop an immune response by producing antibodies to fight off such, and as a result, you may experience a number of discomforts such as difficulty in breathing, a runny nose, itchy and teary eyes and many more. Allergies may result in serious infections when not treated in time. In as much as you may not be entirely sure whether surgery may assist in your allergy infection, it is essential to visit your doctor to get the appropriate response to your condition.

Rhinoplasty, a form of surgery for the nasal tract, is one of the operations that you can undertake. I had mine done at the same place I get my muscle relaxants in Melbourne. This type of surgery does not cure allergies but will help to ease your discomfort. An allergy may cause swelling in the nose, which may result in congestion and breathing problems. This is where the surgery method comes in. This type of surgery will help remove any discomfort that you may have by clearing your nasal tract of any swellings or blockages. It is important to note that you should schedule an appointment for this surgery when the allergy season is past. This is to prevent any more infections that may occur since you may feel stuffy and congested after the surgery.

Septoplasty is also a form of a nose job that assists in the event of a deviated septum – the bone that partitions the nostrils. An allergy may affect the septum by causing it to swell or differ from its original position and uncentering it, thus making it difficult to breathe. This occurrence causes many discomforts and may even lead to suffocation and death. Taking this surgery will assist in putting the septum back to place and unblocking the breathing tract. Septoplasty also aids in reducing swelling. This will clear the nose, and you will be able to breathe correctly again. Again, it doesn’t have to be too complicated; you can visit the same clinics that do dermal fillers for this kind of procedure. 

Balloon Sinuplasty is another surgery that you can undertake to correct allergy infections. At times, the allergies may be so severe that they result in sinusitis, which is the inflammation of your sinuses. Sinusitis may affect your eyes and your teeth as well and cause headaches. The sinuses are the hollow bones in the nose, and when they are blocked, the fluids tend to stall, thus leading to congestion. This surgery incorporates using a small balloon that inflates to drain the nasal sinuses. When the sinuses are opened, the nasal fluid drains freely and helps avoid aches in the eyes, teeth and the head. Before undergoing this surgery, your doctor will take a CT scan of the sinuses and identify any form of physical obstruction such as sinus polyps, mucous cysts, and septal deformities. 

Endoscopic sinus surgery is also another form of nose job that may be done to help with allergies. This type of surgery helps clear the drainage paths in case of blockages. The doctor will use an endoscope, which is a thin, lighted tube to view and operate inside the nose. The tube is inserted through the nostrils. After the surgery, the sinus ventilation will be improved, and the drainage will flow freely, thus easing congestion and clearing breathing difficulties. 

It is, however, important to note that the structural composition of the nose does not cause allergies. Getting to know the cause of an allergy is the first step you should consider before opting for a nasal job. Ensure that you visit a certified doctor to be checked first and to receive advice on the appropriate course of action.