Sustainable Active Wear Brands In Australia

sustainable activewear

Sustainability is the big thing nowadays, as it conforms to our emerging dedication to saving the world from climate change. Fashion can help here, in a little way. With the textile and garments industry is the second biggest pollutant in the world, people are making more conscious fashion choices. 

Australia’s line up of sustainable activewear brands has emerged as a result of this demand for ethical fashion. 

Why do we need it? 

First of all, people love exercising – and when they do they want to look good. Just like there are brands that focus on activewear for women with a big bust (like women who have breast implants) there are now brands focusing on sustainable wear. Actually, I spoke to a doctor about a breast lift and he said using the right bra is super important! Anyway, exercising has many benefits on both the physical and mental health of a person.  It’s been proven that if a person does moderate exercise for at least 30 minutes every day, they will see positive effects in their overall health. 

Sustainable activewear has recently emerged in Australia as a way to embrace both a healthy habit of exercising regularly – while being environmentally friendly. Let’s look at these sustainable activewear brands.

  • TEAM TIMBUKTU saves oceans.

This brand turns plastic into activewear. As it collects old water bottle waste, it saves the oceans a lot of pollutants. As researched by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, it was predicted that the amount of plastic will be more than the amount of fish by 2050. Team Timbuktu is doing a good job of using these for their resources. Team Timbuktu’s packaging is made from corn starch with a home-made compostable garment and mailing bags. This is due to its commitment to avoiding plastic usage all the way.

  • DHARMA BUMS practices ethical production.

What is ethical production?

Ethical production is the production of textile products from when it was just raw materials first then its construction and through the finishing process.

This brand creates edgy, bright-coloured, comfortable tights that are perfect for pilates, yoga, barre and many more. It produces 100% of its products in Australia but undeniably collaborates with business partners in China for its manufacturing. Ethical Clothing Australia certified Dharma Bums for its on-shore production because of its commitment to ensuring transparency of how they manufacture their products. In addition, its offshore production is Business Social Compliance Initiative-certified. 

  • SUNRISE AT BONDI uses fishing nets and old carpets from all over the world.

Yes, you read it right. The fabric that this Sydney brand uses post-consumer materials that include fishing nets and old carpets. What happens is, it gets regenerated and is transformed into a renewed techno-fabric that is sustainable.

  • KUSAGA ACTIVEWEAR, creator of future fabrics

The fashion industry takes an average of 10,000 litres of water to manufacture just one kilogram of raw cotton. As compared to when someone makes your average cotton shirt, Kusaga had developed a fabric that uses less than 1% water in manufacturing their products.

At this stage, they only manufacture T-shirts and tanks but it deserves to be “The World’s Greenest T-Shirt” for belonging to the B Corporation. This is a group of companies whose mission is to use the power of business as a force to do something environmental, social, and economically good. This activewear brand is PETA certified.

  • WOOLERINA uses natural fibres in manufacturing their goods.

To stay well protected during the winter, bring out your winter woollies as you work out. Merino wool is what they use for their clothing. This kind of wool is amazingly soft, warm and super comfortable to use and to wear while working out. Their Merino wool is ethically sourced and utilized.

  • BAY Active uses the highest quality of regenerated fabrics.

Another Australian Merino wool user for its raw materials is Byron Bay’s BAY Active. They manufacture basic wear, yoga wear, and activewear. While BAY Active uses bamboos and highest quality regenerated fabrics, enjoy their wide range of comfortable activewear in staple colours that you love. It also comes in a variety of cuts and sizes. 

According to EDGEXPO, one person throws 70 pounds of clothes and shoes every year. Try to consider sustainable fashion, particularly sustainable activewear, when purchasing your clothes.