Tips for choosing Coloured Contact Lenses

black contact lenses

Whether you are looking for animal-inspired lenses, gruesome contacts for your Halloween costume, patterns lenses, or anything else that will complement your cosplay creation, we are going to cover all the necessary information in this article. There are a lot of types of colored lenses out there to take advantage of, and they are many options for different occasions.

These custom lenses can be designed to appear as though they have healthy pupils, and colors help create a more natural appearance. Colored or decorative contacts can be used to make eyes look lighter, boost their natural colors, or alter the colors completely. There are contact lenses called special effects contacts, which can make your eyes look cat-like, or thick black contact lenses that give you a freaky appearance.

Hazel eyes are also a darker eye color, which would work well with contact lenses that are more opaque and darker. The general rule is if you have darker natural eye colors, you will want lighter lenses to see an effect, and vice versa.

The thick black border around colored round lenses is what makes your eyes iris look larger. The circle lenses will have a long black rim around the iris, and this makes the eyes look larger while changing the color of the iris. The clear area in the middle will align with your iris so that light will still travel into your eyes.

Circle lenses are cosmetic contacts, also commonly known as large eye circle contacts, which feature a large black ring around the outside, widening the iris of your eyes, creating an attractive look you will love.

You can find hundreds of colors and styles of circle contacts online, all 100% guaranteed genuine, so they are an excellent choice to own to truly change the way you look every day. If you are looking to only occasionally switch up the color of your eyes instead of daily, daily-disposable colorful contacts could be a good idea. These lenses let you try out different eye colors and see if you like them, without having to commit to them for the long haul.

There are also colored special effect contacts for eyes like sclera contact lenses, which you can use for special occasions like Halloween. This means colored contacts only alter the color of the iris but will not make the eyes appear larger. As impressive as costume contacts can look on Halloween, the dyes used for those illicit contacts can cause your eyes to receive less oxygen.

Colored contacts are a really fun way to change your appearance, but you must wear them safely and take good care of them to keep eye health at its best. For your peace of mind, every pair of contacts we sell comes in a sealable pack, suspended in eye-safe solutions that will ensure that your lenses are in top shape before you even choose to wear them. You can store your lenses in the fresh look and feel good contact lens case, which comes in single-packs and three-packs.

Keep in mind that, when choosing a natural-looking contact lens, it is recommended that you opt for lenses that do not have any limbal rings, colors that are not bright, and above all, that will look good on your natural iris color. Whereas, for lighter-set eyes, lenses such as green, blue, gray, or even purple lenses may provide good blending effects. One case study found that the use of red contacts allowed participants to identify the green color more clearly in an eye test.